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When you enroll your child with us, you are enrolling him/her for an entire season of classes i.e.: September-June.  We guarantee that 32 classes will be offered during the school year.  Tuition costs includes regular classes, picture session, dress rehearsal and a year end showcase.  These students are considered “Dance Tech Core Members”

Tuition is a fee based on the number of hours per week that your child dances.  This annual fee is divided up into 10 equal payments – one for each month you child comes to class – that way your payments are equal and reasonable.

1. Registration fee ($55/dancer-NON-REFUNDABLE due immediately)- Digital Download of Showcase included

2. September and June payment* due first day of September Classes (Non-refundable after classes commence)

3. All fees are set up with Automatic Credit Card Withdrawl – fees will be debited from your card on the 1st of each month

4. Costume Deposit Due Nov 14 – ($85 Jr Showcase, $95 Sr Showcase)

A Few Notes

· All members must be living in the same residence FULL TIME in order to qualify for the “family discount”

· Please note that all cheques returned as NSF, Account Closed, etc. must be honored in cash or money order within 10 days.  There will be a $25 fee added to the amount owing. Students who have outstanding or overdue accounts will NOT be allowed to attend class.

· There will be no refunds for fees after Feb 1. Anyone wishing to withdrawal after this time will be forfeiting their fees for Feb-May.

· LATE FEE of $25 will apply to ALL payments received more that 10 days late.

Withdrawal Policy

If you wish to withdraw your child at any time from Dance Tech Inc.

· ONE FULL month’s WRITTEN notice must be submitted to the office. by the 1st of the month.  One full month after notification, the automatic debit

  will be terminated .  If fees had been paid in full, a refund cheque will be issued.

· Costume deposits, registration fees and June fees will be forfeited upon withdrawal.

· PLEASE NOTE THAT NO PART MONTH’S TUITION WILL BE REFUNDED!  This policy will be strictly adhered and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Medical Emergencies

Should a medical emergency arise where Dance Tech Inc staff feels it is in the best interest of the student for an ambulance to be called we will do so on your behalf. Dance Tech Inc will not resume responsibility for any medical or transportation fees.

Dance Tech Inc will not assume liability for any lost or stolen property, or for any bodily or personal injury consisting of/or arising out of any participant practicing or participating in any physical training at or away from Dance Tech Inc. To avoid such issues DTI strongly recommends that students are not left unattended.

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